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Supply chain is an end-to-end network among enterprises to get information from the market and to deliver products to the market. Logistics, capital flow, and information flow can run smoothly only when supply chain works effectively and efficiently. In a tough economy with increasing difficulty in demand planning and inventory management, lacking of scientific management could result in following risks:


Three highs: high dead inventory, high total cost, high account receivables


Three lows: low inventory turnover rate, low margin, low customer satisfaction rate



  • Inventory Health Report | 库存健康报告

      --- External environment in VUCA era | 目前VUCA时代下的外部环境

      --- Where does the "redundant" stock come from? | "多余"的库存是如何形成的

      --- Easy-to-ignore part of inventory management | 你看不见的,往往暗藏杀机

      --- How to create and interpret the Inventory Health Report | 库存健康报告的制作和解读

  • Inventory Structure | 库存结构拆解

     --- Finished goods/goods in Process/raw material | 成品/在制品/原材料

     --- In stock / Out of stock | 有库存/无库存

     --- ABC/XYZ 

  • Inventory Plan Implementation | 库存计划实施

     --- Inventory classification | 库存分类

     --- Safety inventory calculation | 安全库存计算

     --- Methods of replenishment | 选择补货方法

     --- Inventory monitoring mechanism and performance assessment | 建立库存监控机制以及绩效测评

     --- Other methods to identify optimal inventory | 识别最优化库存的其他方法


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